A conscious relationship requires awareness, responsability and effort. Especially when you work temporarily in The Netherlands or moved here from your homecountry, your relationship can be under pressure. At the Relationship Academy I provide very effective, transforming sessions in English, both on location in Culemborg (in the heart of the Netherlands) as on Skype.

Our individual sessions and partnersessions provide a quantum leap in your personal development and the development of your relationship. I have experience helping people with the issues of mixed marriages and immigration.

Please contact our relationship-expert Caroline Franssen by phone (031)6-33886581 – (031)345-785050) or by email to check in with her and ask her what she can do for you.

You can also schedule an appointment directly into her online calendar by clicking here. Coaching by Skype requires paying in advance.

As your employer definitely is aware of the fact that your relationship is influencing your achievements in your work, he might be willing to share in, or completely pay for the costs of coaching.


Katja-Pitelina-16My name is Katja. I’m Russian freelance classical musician currently living in Holland, already for last 12 years.

I’ve got to know Caroline three or four years ago. We came to her Relatie Academie in Culemburg with my (back then) boyfriend looking for help and advice on our falling apart relationship. Going to Caroline, was our last attempt to safe it, or for once and for all to hear from a specialist that we are definitely not made for each other and should go on separate with our lives.

From the very first moment, Caroline seems to me as a very straight forward and businesslike person. Honestly, I have to admit I was scare of her a bit. But after a short while I realize that she has her unique way to dig into people personalities, personal area’s but not to invade them. During the session I was so surprised how good her technics with dolls and other very creative exercises we had to do, worked on me!!!!!!

You have to work hard on yourself during the session, and still more after. It is not easier. It is very
emotional. But it gets better after. I felt better. Interesting fact is, that Caroline never takes

If you ask me, did it work?

The very first session let us see that we both have our own problems, which we shouldn’t put on shoulders of our partner and blame another for your own unhappiness.

Did you solve your problems?

No, but we learned how to talk about it, we learned to listen to each other, to give each other space, how to deal with it.

Are you together now?                                                                                

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Yes, we are, we got married last year, we are happy and enormously glad that we found way to each other. And it has happened only thanks to help of Caroline.

It did work, not after that first session, after some years, we split up, then after year got together again, and then it still didn’t work, we came back to Caroline, and then did and still do all the exercises she told us, and now we are happy.

I would like to share one more experience I had with Caroline. It was not long ago. I came to her for myself. I felt that something was missing, despite of the fact that in my life everything was just good, very good. We had very nice session during which it came out that although I don’t really realize it, I was longing for and full of memories of my childhood in a different country. That I immigrate somehow to Holland and never realize what that actually can do to a person. That it had such a big impact on me. After the session I had a feelings that my eyes got open, I could feel and see from where many of my inner sadness and dissatisfactions were coming from. It was very necessary to realize it at that particular moment of my life in order to go on.

I’m very grateful to Caroline. And it is very important to me to know that here in Holland I have a person to whom I can always come for advise or help.

Katja Pitelina, professional flutist. Presenting flutes and flute music from three centruries with duo Kaleidoscope.


You can schedule an appointment for a session in Culemborg directly in the online calendar.

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